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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Oklahoma, United States of America

so bright it burns:

20. female. college student. biology major. hardcore science nerd. vet-med candidate. lj-aholic. goofy. sarcastic. bitchy. ocd. adventerous. out there. coffee-addict. redneck. geek.

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1x2, 1x2x1, 2x1, adobe photoshop, amigurumi, animal science, anime, archer, architecture, art, astronomy, astrophysics, bar hopping, barn parties, bars, big bang theory, biology, bluegrass, blues, bones, bones/scotty, breaking speed limits, bridges, cameras, candles, cattle, cattleman's steakhouse, chapel, chekov, chris pike, collage, college, college parties, colorado, colorado state university, columbus, community service, corel, country music, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, cowboys, crafts, crayons, crochet, css, cupcake, cute professors, decorating, digital photography, dirt roading, doujinshi, driving, enterprise, fanart, fanfiction, film photography, firefly, fonts, fuji, geeks, graphics, gundam wing, honky tonks, horse racing, horses, howard, icons, ink, iowa, iowa state university, janeway, jayne, jewelry, jim kirk, jim/bones, jim/spock, jim/spock/bones, kaylee, knitting, landscapes, leonard, leonard mccoy, mal, manga, meteorology, midwest, missouri, muddy waters, nature, oklahoma, oklahoma state university, osu, paint shop pro, pennsylvania, photo, photography, photos, picard, pike/bones, pike/jim, pike/jim/bones, polaroid, polaroids, portraits, raj, research, river, road trips, rock, rodeo, roping, roughstock, scientists, scotty, scrapbooking, sexy cars, sheldon, silliness, simon, slash, spock, star trek, star trek ds9, star trek enterprise, star trek tng, star trek tos, star trek voyager, star trek xi, stockyards, storm chasing, sulu, tallahassee, tallahassee/columbus, textures, thunderstorms, tornadoes, travel, tutorials, university of central oklahoma, veterinary medicine, wash, weather, world domination, yarn, zombieland, zoology
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